Breastfeeding necklace

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Breastfeeding necklace: what is it for and why wear it?

As baby grows, her little hands tend to grab everything and often it's her hair, skin or jewellery that gets damaged. Fortunately, there is a safe, healthy and stylish product to help mums: breastfeeding breastfeeding necklaces and bracelets. Find out everything you need to know in our article!

1. What is the purpose of a breastfeeding necklace?

- Distracting baby during feeding

A breastfeeding necklace is mainly used during the breastfeeding period. Mothers who have breastfed can confirm that when baby is suckling, he will tend to grab everything around him and put everything in his mouth: whether it is your hair, your clothes or even your skin... The breastfeeding necklace will therefore be the perfect alternative to distract baby during this time and keep his little hands busy. Of course, it's also pretty, so you can keep it on all day!

Breastfeeding necklace

- Participates in the sensory development of the baby

Breastfeeding necklaces are made up of beads that can be of different colours, shapes and textures (food grade silicone, wood, hook...). It is these materials and shapes that allow the development of baby's senses and fine motor skills. He will be able to grab the beads and discover their colours, their reliefs... A real moment of discovery.

- Keeping baby busy during babywearing

Breastfeeding necklaces are also known as sling necklaces. They can keep your baby entertained and occupied not only during feeding but also when you are carrying him in a sling. They are therefore not only for breastfeeding mothers and can also be used if you are bottle feeding.

- Helping baby relieve teething

Finally, breastfeeding necklaces or teething necklaces can help babies when they start to "teethe". MintyWendy's nursing necklaces are made of silicone, so your child can chew on the beads and get relief from rubbing on their gums. This is why it is important to ensure that the nursing jewellery is free of products that are harmful to baby's health. Find out more about the criteria to check when choosing a nursing necklace below.

2. How to care for a nursing necklace?

It is important to clean the nursing collar regularly, ideally after each feeding. You can wash it with clear water and mild soap using a cloth. Some silicone collars can be washed in a dishwasher or steriliser.

3. Choosing your breastfeeding necklace, criteria to look for

If you want to buy a breastfeeding necklace, there are various criteria to check its quality and durability:

  • Check that it does not contain any substance that is toxic to baby's health, i.e. lead-free, phthalate-free, BPA-free. 
  • The collar should have a secure clasp and be strong enough to withstand your baby's strength.
  • Favour as much as possible a production made in France or Europe, it is generally more reassuring in terms of health and materials used
  • Choose a necklace with shapes and colours that will attract baby's attention.

Finally, a last criterion that makes sense, choose a necklace that you like and that you will enjoy wearing every day. Indeed, they are also an elegant and feminine accessory in their own right for the mother and can add style to an outfit.

4. Alternative to the breastfeeding necklace, the breastfeeding bracelet

You should also know that there are not only breastfeeding necklaces but also breastfeeding bracelets. They work in the same way as a nursing necklace. It's just a matter of taste whether you are more of a necklace or a bracelet.

Breastfeeding necklace

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Breastfeeding necklace: what is it for and why wear it?
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