How to take care of baby's skin

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How do you care for your baby's delicate skin?

Infants have very thin skin, and contrary to what you might think, having baby skin isn't necessarily an advantage! More fragile than that of children and adults, it is also more prone to redness or reactions. That's why it's important to be aware of its specific characteristics, and to take care of it from birth. Here are a few tips to help you pamper your baby's skin.


1. The basics of infant skin care

When babies are born, they are often covered with vernix, a fine, creamy white substance. Whereas vernix used to be removed almost immediately, we now know that it should not be removed, as it protects the newborn's skin for hours after birth. Vernix is naturally absorbed by the baby's skin within 24 to 48 hours of birth. To preserve this vernix for as long as possible, practices concerning the baby's first bath have also evolved, and parents are no longer obliged to wash their baby immediately. 

Until the age of around 2, babies' skin is said to be immature, as it is not yet able to protect itself against external aggressions: temperature changes, cold, sunlight and pollution are all potential dangers for its fragile skin. 

3 Tips to remember to protect your baby's skin : 

  • use as few products as possible: multiple treatments are not recommended 
  • Remember to moisturize, as babies' skin tends to dehydrate very quickly.
  • opt for formulas that are healthy and not harmful to your health: to achieve this, it's important to choose hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested products that are fragrance and alcohol-free. 


2. Do you have to wash your baby every day?

One question parents often ask themselves is how often to bathe their baby. From a purely hygienic point of view, as your baby doesn't sweat and his skin is fragile, it's not necessary to wash him every day. Every 3 days is enough. As he grows, bathing becomes a daily routine, as your child moves around and touches a bit of everything! What's more, bathing can be a moment of pleasure and play enjoyed by both child and parent! 

The ideal bath water temperature is 37 degrees. You can check that it's not too hot using a bath thermometer or simply your elbow. This may seem obvious, but let's not forget that, whatever his age, baby should never be left unattended, even when he knows how to sit up and you think you can hear him from the next room.


To set up a healthy routine for caring for your baby's skin, we fell in love with the Ouate brand. This brand offers natural solutions, adapted to babies' skin from birth. The products combine the effectiveness of science with the pleasure of experience, so you can learn to take care of yourself while having fun. As well as being refillable and 100% safe, their other originality lies in their packaging. The founder, who trained as a packaging engineer, has developed ultra-practical skincare products, such as this cleanser that can be used with just one hand, making bath time child's play!


how to care for baby's skin


And to make sure you don't go wrong when buying baby care products, you can trust the YUKA app or check out the website UFC que choisir .

3. I'm going on vacation this summer with my baby. How can I protect his skin?

By protecting children from sun exposure from an early age, we help optimize their melanin reserves. As a result, they'll be better able to cope with sun damage in adulthood.

Due to the fragility and immaturity of babies' skin, early exposure to the sun without appropriate protection can be harmful to their health.

That's why we recommend using a sunscreen with SPF 50 for children, to guarantee effective protection.

However, sun protection alone is not enough, and preventive measures are essential: 

  • avoid UV exposure as much as possible 
  • use appropriate clothing such as UV protection, a hat and stay in the shade 
  • make sure your baby drinks enough to keep him hydrated. However, if you are exclusively breastfeeding, you should not give your baby water, but increase the frequency of feedings. Discover our tips for breastfeeding in summer.
How do you care for your baby's delicate skin?
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