the pregnancy bola

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Discover the benefits of pregnancy bolas

Pregnancy bolas are an original piece of jewelry that pregnant women love. We met Emilie, the creator of Atelier Aismée, who makes bolas in the south of France, and she explained the origin of these necklaces. 

How did you come up with the idea of creating Atelier Aismée?

Atelier Aismée was born of a deep-seated desire to create and live a meaningful project.

One day, Florian (my partner) and I discovered the pregnancy bola and the story began.

Today, Atelier Aismée has developed and grown to offer a rich universe of jewelryx, all of which have bolas, birth medals, christening necklaces, but also a line dedicated to dads with personalized bracelets. Everything is imagined and designed in our workshop in Chabeuil, Drôme, just outside Valence, at the foot of the Vercors mountains.

Today, we're 12 people dedicated to the brand's project, to offer you ever more beautiful, high-quality jewelry and personalized support tailored to your needs.

You design jewelry for pregnant women, pregnancy bolas, can you tell us more about these jewels?

The bola de grossesse Aismée is a piece of jewelry for pregnant women that helps create and support the bond between the unborn child and the mother-to-be.

This maternity jewel emits a delicate tinkle that vibrates to the rhythm of movements, soothing and reassuring the baby in the womb.

It's like a talisman for the mother, reminding her to take her time, bringing her back to the life that's growing inside her and inviting her to meet it.


What makes Atelier Aismée bolas so special? How are they made?

First and foremost, all l'Atelier bolas are designed, assembled and sent out with great love and care by Cynthia, Elise and Océane.

I believe in the magic of stones: their color, their brilliance, the way the earth has shaped them, which is why we offer beautiful models accompanied by fine stones such as amethyst, aquamarine, tiger's eye, delicate stones with beautiful vibrations.

We also have a range of personalized bolas that can mark a date, initials dear to our hearts, or a kind word like a promise.

The Atelier's 3 jewelers work the metal: drilling, soldering, assembling, mounting the stones, engraving the various jewels and finally mounting the bolas on their long chain, which we have gilded with 24-carat fine gold or silver-plated.



Then we have the Maison Aismée capsule collection, which offers strong, unique designs that I have thought up and imagined, and which the jewelers put into material, the brand's signature jewels that you won't find anywhere else. nowhere else nowhere else.

The finely chiselled work is our strength and our uniqueness.

What are the benefits of a pregnancy bola?

After a few years of working closely with the mothers who treat themselves to this meaningful jewel, the bola's greatest benefit is undoubtedly the bond it brings to light.

On a daily basis, I see how this jewel is imbued with love, expectations and the prospect of this new horizon of a life, and how the link with this newborn life is inscribed in it.

When do you recommend starting to wear the bola?

In general, we recommend wearing the bola from the 4th month of pregnancy, when the child's hearing begins to develop.

But as I said earlier, this jewel speaks of filial ties, of (un)hoped-for why wait. We have many customers who choose it right after the announcement...

And one last question, once the baby has arrived, can you continue to wear your pregnancy bola?

Jewelry as I imagine it is meant to bring us back to an important moment, to a powerful emotion, to people we want to cherish and take with us.

Our bolas are the symbol of this absolutely mysterious period of pregnancy, and we continue to wear them or treasure them as a precious memento of that unforgettable chapter where it all began.

the pregnancy bola
Discover the benefits of pregnancy bolas
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