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10 gift ideas to please a pregnant woman

For ChristmasëFor Christmas (and in general), we often tend to want to spoil the baby-to-be and forget about the mother... Stand out and choose a gift for the mother-to-be that will really please her!

What to give to a pregnant woman? No stress, we have chosen for you the 10 best gift ideas to give to a mother-to-be for Nl !

1. Pregnancy photo shooting

Pregnancy lasts 9 months but you can't imagine how fast it can go by... Give the mother-to-be a gift she'll never forget: memories of her pregnancy and her first moments as a mother. of her pregnancy and the first moments of her life as a mother. The photo session can also be done with the co-parent and be a great opportunity to create an unforgettable connection and strengthen the bond. If it is not the first child, siblings can also participate.


It is generally recommended to do the photo session between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy because the belly is well rounded and it is so pretty.

For the mothers of the Basque Country, we highly recommend the photographers Natacha Tomczak or Marina Contis who make beautiful pictures.


Photo credit: Natacha Tomczak

2. Un bon coussin d'allaitement

Au fil des mois, le ventre de la future maman s’arrondit et la question de l’allaitement se pose. Le coussin d’allaitement figure dans les indispensables et pourtant, nombreuses sont celles qui investissent dans un mauvais accessoire, acheté à la va vite, en seconde main ou mal conseillées dans une boutique. Forcément, si il est mauvais et qu’il s’affaisse, qu’il est encombrant et lourd, le coussin devient vite un ennemi qu’on cache au fond d’un placard. Utilisés quelques semaines en fin de grossesse et encore, une fois bébé né impossible de l’utiliser correctement.   Il existe pourtant un coussin d’allaitement pratique qui aide vraiment les mamans à bien se positionner et à éviter maux de dos et crevasses, c’est un cadeau original qui servira à toute la famille puisqu’il permet aussi de donner le biberon et de transat nomade pour poser son bébé.  C’est le premier coussin d’allaitement gonflable inventé par une maman, déçue par les coussins classiques. Fabriqué dans des tissus certifiés, testé en laboratoire et validé par des milliers de parents qui opté pour un coussin de maternité transportable et vraiment confortable.

3. Organic cosmetics adapted to pregnancy

With pregnancy, the body of the mother-to-be is going to be put to the test and her skin will need a lot of care. Even if there are "scars" that cannot be avoided, it is important for the pregnant woman to set up a care routine to preserve her skin as much as possible.

For Christmas, you can give her a box with all the essential pregnancy care products. But you still need to know how to choose clean skin care products, adapted to pregnancy and breastfeeding and without risk for mom and baby.

We recommend the essentials" set from the Talm brand. Composed of a face and body care oil, a care balm and a body serum, this pack is ideal to moisturize the body of the mother-to-be. We love the Talm brand for its organic, 99.7% natural, vegan and cruelty-free products.


Photo credit: Talm

4. A pregnancy box

For those who are still undecided, pregnancy boxes are a good alternative to offer various products to the mother-to-be. Some pregnancy boxes work by subscription or by unit. 

Mumlifebox offers a special pregnancy box by subscription to accompany the future mother from the 3rd to the 9th month of pregnancy. Joone, Omum, Neobulle, Tidoo... All the products offered are of quality and natural.


To know: their boxes were composed with the help of a midwife to offer products adapted to your month of pregnancy, great no?


Photo credit: Mumlifebox

5. An appointment with a lactation consultant

For a mother-to-be who is interested in breastfeeding, an appointment with a lactation consultant before giving birth is ideal. This will allow her to prepare herself and to have a contact from the beginning of breastfeeding, she will never thank you enough.

In fact, the preparation courses given at the midwife's office often overlook the issue of breastfeeding, whereas future mothers need to be better prepared to put all the chances on their side as soon as they give birth. It is also possible to receive contradictory advice at the maternity hospital, which is all the more reason to have had the right information and advice beforehand, so as not to feel lost when the baby arrives. 

For the future mothers of the Basque Country, we recommend Frédérique Morellec based in Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle.

6. A prenatal yoga session

Just like massage, a prenatal yoga session will allow the pregnant woman to relax. Yoga is a sport that is particularly adapted to expectant mothers because the movements are gentle and help ease certain pains and tensions in the back or legs, for example.

Prenatal yoga also prepares the pregnant woman for childbirth with breathing exercises that will help her to "master" the contractions on the big day.

7. A hypnonatal discovery session

Hypnonatal is a hypnosis technique that consists in helping the mother-to-be to prepare for her delivery and to become familiar with all the sensations she feels. The goal is to understand these sensations in order to transform them into strengths and thus give confidence to the pregnant woman.

8. A book on motherhood to prepare you

The pregnancy or maternity book is a classic gift but always a pleasure for a mother-to-be looking for advice and information on her new life ahead.


We particularly recommend these different books:


  • "The golden month, living well the first month after childbirth" written by Céline Chadelat and Marie Mahé-Poulin: it shows the importance of preparing well the first month of postpartum and indicates how to preserve oneself from difficulties notably thanks to the young mother's relatives.
  • "The book on pregnancy and childbirth" written by Bliss Stories: a book that lists a large amount of testimonials and experiences to help moms prepare for their pregnancy and especially to reassure them and make them feel less guilty.
  • "The highly illustrated breastfeeding manual" written by Caroline Guillot: a book for pregnant women who want to know more about breastfeeding. We like her illustrated drawings and her touch of humor that helps to relieve guilt.

9. Healthy treats and infusions for pregnant women

For those with a sweet tooth, you should know that there are healthy, gourmet snacks that are good for pregnant women.

The brand Jolly Mama brand offers for example cereal squares, granola or 100% organic infusions with specific benefits: vitamin E, vitamin B9, iron, omega 3...

Photo credit: Jolly Mama

10. A hairdressing session or a home treatment

During pregnancy, between the fatigue, the often unrefreshing nights and not forgetting the transformation of the body, the pregnant woman may not find the time to take care of herself... Why not offer her a hairdressing session at home (with her usual hairdresser it's always better) to allow her to relax or any other care adapted to pregnancy. 

And there is nothing better for the morale (which is often damaged by the worries of pregnancy) than to find yourself pretty.

10 gift ideas to please a pregnant woman
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