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Biological Nurturing (BN) position for twins

During their pregnancy, all mothers-to-be inevitably ask themselves whether they want to breastfeed or not. So imagine mothers pregnant with twins: Is there enough milk to breastfeed twins? What is the best position to breastfeed twins?... We answer your questions.

1. How to breastfeed twins?

- Is there enough milk to breastfeed twins?

We can reassure you that breastfeeding twins is perfectly possible and you will not run out of milk. Nature is good, the more a baby or babies (in the case of twins) suck, the more milk you will produce. This is because the sucking of babies triggers the production of a hormone called prolactin, which is responsible for milk production.

- Do I breastfeed my twins together or separately?

There is no standard way to breastfeed twins, so it is up to you to find what works best for you. You can breastfeed your twins separately to experience this time with each of them in a unique way. In the early stages, this can also allow you to position each baby properly and ensure that they are feeding correctly. 

You can also choose to breastfeed your twins together to save some time and not get lost in the rhythm of the feeds. 

Tip: Feel free to use a notebook to record the times of each feed and which baby drank.

However, make sure both your babies are hungry as breastfeeding on demand is key. Find out more about on-demand breastfeeding here.

You should also know that it isnot advisable to assign a breast to a baby for three reasons:

  • Each breast does not always store the same amount of milk
  • Each baby feeds differently, so one of your twins may be more dynamic and stimulate more milk production in one breast
  • It is important to get babies used to sucking on both sides of their mouth 

It is therefore important to alternate breastfeeding for twins.

- What position to breastfeed twins in?

Almost all breastfeeding positions are possible for twins, only the position where the mother lies on her side is not suitable for breastfeeding the babies at the same time.

2. What is Biological Nurturing?

Although there is never an ideal breastfeeding position and we always advise young mothers to experiment, the bn or Biological Nurturing position is quite suitable for twins.

The Biological Nurturing position is a new approach to breastfeeding where instinct and spontaneity are the watchwords. Here, no particular position is imposed, but the mother and baby are allowed to settle in a way that makes them as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


The BN position consists in lying down and letting your child place himself on your belly thanks to his motor reflexes.


The Biological Nurturing position is therefore particularly recommended for breastfeeding twins, as you are supported and comfortable. You do not have to bear the weight of both babies in your arms. For the first few months, it is important to have a relative or your partner help you to settle the babies.

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