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The best brands of nursing clothes

After spending 9 months of pregnancy wearing comfortable clothes that don't always match our style 100% (practicality is a must), some moms want to feel pretty again and wear clothes that look like them. Discover here our list of the best brands of nursing clothes. There is something for everyone!

1. Why choose nursing clothes?

Although there are tips to wear classic clothes during feeding, we must admit that it is not always the easiest and most pleasant to wear. Between the layering technique which consists in superimposing several layers of clothes to not reveal your belly or your breasts but which is not ideal during the summer days or the trick of wearing only oversized clothes, we sometimes want to have some stylish clothes which really flatter us. Because there's no reason why a nursing mom has to choose between comfort, practicality and style, brands have been working hard to offer clothes that meet all 3 criteria. Now you can feed your baby in style and without any headaches!

2. In practice, how do nursing clothes work?

At first glance, if you put two tops next to each other, one "classic" and one designed for breastfeeding, you might not be able to tell them apart right away. But why? That's the ingenuity of these nursing clothes: they were designed so that nursing mothers can continue to dress as they wish thanks to super discreet opening systems. For breastfeeding, young mothers can choose between an opening with snaps or a side closure or a horizontal opening under the breasts... It's up to you to choose the opening that suits you best and where you are most comfortable.


This way, you can continue to wear these nursing clothes even after your milking adventure is over.


3. Our favorite brands of nursing clothes

- Amaë

Amaë was created by Amaia, mother of a little Maël who could not find nursing clothes adapted to her style and her work because they were often too casual. She then differentiated herself from other brands on the market by offering elegant, feminine and responsible nursing dresses and tops. With a bohemian influence, these flowing and flowery garments allow to breastfeed discreetly thanks to an almost invisible lining system. Moms will be able to enjoy wearing their Amaë pieces even after their breastfeeding is over. Chic, sustainable and responsible, these are the key words of the Bordeaux-based brand. Indeed, Amaia took care to choose a workshop in Portugal certified Oeko-tex in order to offer quality clothes and healthy for your health. Another interesting point is that you can rent them, via the website


Discover the brand here.

Starting at 70€.


- You & Milk

For the past 3 years, You & Milk has been offering nursing clothes that are both comfortable and feminine. With a casual style, their clothes are timeless and can be worn easily in any situation. Because it is important to wear clothes that are not harmful to our skin and to the environment, it is even more important when it comes to being in contact with your newborn. That's why each piece is made from organic cotton, grown with natural fertilizers and without pesticides.

And because they don't do things by halves, You & Milk are also socially committed. For each garment purchased on their website, they commit to donate 1€ to the association C.A.M.A, a mother-baby unit located in an underprivileged area of Côte d'Ivoire. We like the matchy matchy outfits with her baby, which make the originality of the brand.



Discover the brand here.

Starting at 49€.

- Tajine Banana

Mother-maid, take away milk, milktamere, open bar ... These are the different puns that you can find on the clothes proposed by Tajine Banane, the brand that has become unavoidable with its community of moms fans. With collections inspired by theworld of sportswear, Alisson, the founder, wanted to offer moms the possibility to dress with comfort and style. Always with a touch of humor, the brand defends breastfeeding and the freedom of mothers so that "breastfeeding everywhere, all the time" becomes the norm.


A brand committed to breastfeeding but not only! Since its creation in 2018, Tajine Banane has managed to raise more than €65,000 and hundreds of donations for various associations.



Discover the brand here.

Starting at 29€.

- Amamantra

Amamantra is a committed and colorful brand created by Pauline. Born in Colombia, it is quite natural that the founder wanted to manufacture her products between France and Latin America. Amamantra is different from other brands of nursing clothes thanks to its ingenious opening system. No more zippers and snaps, nursing mothers can breastfeed their child without difficulty thanks to a lining system with a hidden heart effect

The brand is also committed to donating 1€ per t-shirt sold to the San Rafael charity in Bogota, an association that helps single mothers learn a trade so that they can provide for their children.


Discover the brand here.

Starting at 49€.


- Weasel Workshop

Atelier Belette is a brand of breastfeeding clothes that is committed and feel good. Its mission is to allow young mothers to feel good in their sneakers.

With a timeless, casual but still feminine style, Atelier Belette's pieces are designed to help you breastfeed simply, and without taking any risk to your health and baby's. Why is this so? The whole collection is made of GOTS certified organic cotton, guaranteed without pesticides, GMOs, insecticides or chemical fertilizers. The GOTS label also ensures that all the employees who made the clothes work in good conditions, are paid correctly, in compliance with the requirements of the World Labour Organization.


We love the little embroideries on Atelier Belette's clothes which bring pep and style to these timeless clothes.



Discover the brand here.

Starting at 52€.

- Brave Margot 

We discovered Brave Margot at a maternity trade show, and immediately loved her style as much as her super-friendly designer Lucie. 
The clothes are easy to wear, well-made and affordable. We're particularly fond of the t-shirts featuring the months of the year or the seasons, so you can proudly display your baby's birth month or favorite season. 

Discover the brand here.

From €44

- Limky

Limky offers stylish and practical nursing clothes for discreet breastfeeding. Some of their garments are wide enough and seamless enough to be worn during pregnancy. Their collection is designed in a workshop in the north of France and in Porto, Portugal and is made of 100% organic cotton. Their sweaters are made of recycled or recycled organic cotton and PET certified. They also take care not to over-produce by offering collections in limited quantities.

Every year, Limky gives 1% of its turnover to associations working for the protection of our planet.

The brand offers two systems of opening: one by the shoulder and one under the armpit with snaps or a discreet closure.


Discover the brand here.

Starting at 39€.

- Tziganette

Tziganette is a brand of nursing clothes 100% made in France. All their clothes are designed in a small workshop in Paris from end-of-series materials or destined for destruction to limit overproduction. By betting on upcycling, Tziganette chooses to produce in very small quantities with the will to produce in a fair and reasoned way.

Buying Tziganette nursing clothes means promoting the short circuit, the made in France while wearing pieces with trendy cuts and colors designed to last.


The brand also offers super comfortable and mixed sweaters to be able to mate with your partner, your best ally for a successful breastfeeding!



Discover the brand here.

Starting at 50€.

- Milk away

To finish our list of the best brands of nursing clothes, we leave France for Milk away, the first Belgian brand of nursing clothes. Because young mothers should be able to walk around, shop, travel, see their friends, dress as they wish... Milk away offers a collection of clothes that are chic, elegant and rocking. Their clothes have an invisible 30 centimeters closure under the armpits to be able to breastfeed without difficulty. Their products are all GOTS and Oeko-tex certified.



Discover the brand here.

Starting at 45€.


So there are a lot of nice small or big brands to please yourself and feel pretty when you are breastfeeding. Of course, all these nice brands have a certain cost, that's why we don't forget that big brands also propose tops or dresses adapted to breastfeeding, and we have to note that they make more and more efforts to propose stylish clothes. Let's mention the Mama collection from H&M or Kiabi and Vertbaudet that offer tops at more than reasonable prices.

The best brands of nursing clothes
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