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We asked a number of healthcare and breastfeeding professionals to give us their opinion on the Mumade nursing pillows.

Here are their opinions: 

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Léa Bertrand

Gynaecologist at the Brest maternity hospital 

"In our profession as gynaecologists, we often see mothers who have put a lot of pressure on themselves to breastfeed in post-partum consultations.

Mumade's initiative is very useful because the cushions, thanks to their ergonomic design, provide comfort and help relieve tension during suckling.

In fact, our maternity ward provides mothers with one of these cushions to help them with breastfeeding if they have difficulties. "

Frédérique Morellec

Midwife and IBCLC consultant in St Pée sur Nivelle

"I found the cushion developed by Mumade innovative. You can see that the founder has been there and wanted to improve the experience of breastfeeding mums. I find it very interesting that it is firm unlike the usual cushions: it allows mums to have their hands free to take a meal for example, as I saw with my daughter who was breastfeeding her twins. "

Lucie Hegoburu

Doula in Bayonne

Instagram : @doulamama_flow 

"I discovered the Mumade cushion and I think it's a really different product, it's far from the bulky and soft cushion that collapses during breastfeeding. Finally a brand that is committed to making the daily life of mothers easier, both in terms of comfort and practicality and that is eco-responsible. To try it is to adopt it".

Marion Meyer

Maternity nurse and perinatal support worker

"The Mumade cushion is an essential that every future or young breastfeeding mother can consider putting on her birth list. Ergonomic and very practical, it is a pillow that keeps its promise and this on the duration. After having accompanied me throughout my daughter's breastfeeding, I am happy to be able to offer it at the office during my accompaniments."

Mariama Seugnet

IBCLC lactation consultant in Biarritz 

Instagram : @allaitementconseil

"Mumade cushions are a brilliant invention. Being able to breastfeed anywhere without getting in the way is a real advantage, it allows mom and baby to maintain their comfort on every move. Breastfeeding should be easy, and Mumade makes it possible."

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